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Inter Meca Serv is your partner for automation systems, industrial relocation and manufacturing.

We optimize your production process through automated systems integration for factories, but also for specific product lines.  With our solutions, you will be able to rapidly increase ROI, and the performance indicators will considerably and rapidly increase.

We design the automation plan for installations and equipment and we integrate them to work with the already existing equipment. The automation plan is fully designed and integrated by the Inter Meca Serv team. All the necessary technical documentation is made by using Schneider, Allen Bradley, and Siemens interfaces.

We propose new automated solutions for equipment, production lines or factories, and we realize each step of the plan including the mechanical and electrical assemblies. Each project can be fully implemented by our team. 

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Inter Meca Serv offers:

Consultancy in choosing the automated solution

Electro-mechanical assembly

Automation plan according to customer’s requirements

Installation and integration

Simulation of the working conditions


We offer innovative solutions and reliability for the sustainable development of your projects.