Str. Sticlelor, Nr. 68

Stefănești, Argeș, România

Tel: +40 757 089 954

Email: [email protected]

About Us

Inter Meca Serv is a Romanian company that offers engineering solutions and services.

Our History

The story of our company began with the arrival in the Arges area of numerous investors and service providers, mainly affiliated with Dacia Renault, which needed local expertise not only for relocation and rendering the relocated operational units but also for professional maintenance services. Inter Meca Serv saw in these needs the opportunity of becoming a trusted partner for the automotive industry. 


By gathering experienced specialists, in both automation and electrical or mechanical engineering, the Romanian company managed to become one of the most ambitious partners in engineering solutions in the Arges county.

Meanwhile, Inter Meca Serv has positioned itself also on the Romanian market as a trusted provider of services for industrial relocation, conveyors and manufacturing. We are proud to have a 100% Romanian team on a competitive market most of the time reserved by foreign companies.

Career Oportunities

If you like challenges and you want to improve in fields such as industrial design, automation, hydraulics, mechanics or even welding, we invite you to submit a form and get to know each other. 

Our team is eager to collaborate with motivated people, that are passionate about engineering!

Passion and Performance

The most successful projects are those in which passion is combined with state of the art technology.

Inter Meca Serv integrates both of them in its work process for amazing results.

Meet our Team

Inter Meca Serv team is comprised of 26 colleagues divided în departments such as process automation, industrial design, electrical engineering and hydraulics, and welding.

The general manager actively supervises and participates in activities conducted both in the factory as well as on the field alongside the engineers. He is involved in the process from the beginning, discussing it with the designers and engineers. This way, the client is always informed about the development.

We offer innovative solutions and reliability for the sustainable development
of your projects.