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Inter Meca Serv is your partner for automation systems, industrial relocation and manufacturing

We deliver straight, curved, ground or aerial conveyors, with or without collection, with strap or gravity belt systems. They are used in industries such as automotive, food, or rubber products.

Depending on the working time and operations, during the designing process, we take into account the process ergonomy, avoiding bumping or jamming during the transfer, ensure optimal quality transfer conditions, calculate gear ratio and choose the right variable speed drives, gear reducers, and motor reducers.

Conveyor systems automate a lot of human tasks that are associated with production and materials transportation. Conveyor systems are the best choice to avoid accidents and human errors during internal transportation. They can safely transport materials and give employees time to focus on important activities.

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Inter Meca Serv offers:

Consultancy in choosing the type of conveyor

Installation and integration

Video documentation of the chosen solution

Electro-mechanical assembly

Simulation of the working conditions


We offer innovative solutions and reliability for the sustainable development of your projects.