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Inter Meca Serv is your partner for automation systems, industrial relocation and manufacturing

Our elevators and platforms can support different gauges, depending on the activity and the sensitivity of the transported freight. We offer customized solutions, starting from small elevators for materials or products with a small density, all the way to big elevators or platforms designed for human transport, equipment, or large density products.

The elevators and hydraulic platforms provided by our team can be equipped with auxiliary transfer systems. Therefore, they can be used for single operations or programmed to support a more complex process.

We provide lifting solutions and hydraulic platforms that optimize the inter-operational transfer for a wide range of freight onto a vertical plane. Our products are in accordance with national and E.U. standards.

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Inter Meca Serv offers:

Consultancy in choosing the lifting solution

Installation and integration

Video documentation of the chosen solution

Electro-mechanical assembly

Simulation of the working conditions


We offer innovative solutions and reliability for the sustainable development of your projects.